C02 Engraving and cutting

Diamond engravers have several C02 laser engravers. the standard C02 lasers are used primarily for the light and mid duty applications as listed below, cutting for thicker materials or tough to cut is accomplished by high powerd C02 lasers. In our larger machine 900 X 600 mm machine, we use Yongli A8s CO2 Laser Tubes have the maximum output power for the standard singular laser tube. So our machine produdes a true power of 150W with a maxium power out of 180W. This means we are able to process a thicker level of organic materials in a relatively fast speed. 20mm Acrylic for example, the speed is able to reach to 2mm/s. Many standard C02 lasers use glass tubes that are rated at maximum output rather than true output and this will have an impact on the cutting ability and processing speed of the laser.

For large scale cutting on wide format with sheet size up to 3000 x 2000 mm, a special machine is used to cut metals, plastics and wood, this services requires volumes or a minimum charge but offers a precision cutting service for hard to cut materials such aas stainless steel.

In addition high powered cutting can be accomplished with 2-4 kw machines

So what can Diamond engravers offer to customers with the C02 lasers from a cutting perspective:

180 Watt C02 Laser cutting material options - mimimums apply
Acrylic 30 mm Die Board 20 mm
MDF 18 mm Leather 3 mm
Sotwood 15 mm Hardwood Depends on type of wood
Rubber 4-6 mm Other plastics 18 mm
2-4.4 kw high powered lasers cutting and large format engraving up to 1 metre wide - minimums apply
Stainless steel 18 mm Mild Steel 20 mm
Aluminium 15 mm Brass 8 mm
Other plastics 18 mm Wood/MDF 18 mm


It is very important we know exactly what sort of material you require cutting or engraving, there is a caveat that on thicker materials, there is a tolerance of 30% to thickness and the size of cut, for example on 9 mm thick steel - the smallest diameter hole will be 3 mm. When we have a brief on your requirements we will prepare full specificatiosn and tolerances as well as any other aspects that will affect the overall finish and appearance - this would be more noticeable on cutting thick wood for example.

in addition the engraving facilties allow for both surface and deep engraving of most substrates, in all cases where engraving is required that we produce a sample of the finish before completing the order. Diamond engravers offers a complete service from design, layout, nesting to optimise cutting, engraving and layers to create different effects. Please ask for further information if you have a specific project in mind.




















































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