Diamond engravers can supply a wide range of ready made awards in glass, metal, resin and wood. In addition custom made items can designed and created for you in glass, metal and wood. For example a solid wooden backdrop which can be wall or desk mounted, supplied with a bespoke metal plate engraved with logo, text and even signatures.

For the corporate customer, we rely on a brief and specification of the type of corporate award(s) required, from the engraving perspective whether they are to include logo(s), individual names, events, dates or similar - any text message etc that is required. Following this a rough budget that the company is willing to spend - from this Diamond Engravers will prepare a full quotation outlining various options and a best fit scenario for the award. Once this is accepted, the client will receive a visual and layout fro approval, and if requested a fully made up sample for final sign off. In the case of small volume orders, it is not necessary to have a preproduction sample made.

Awards are available across the whole spectrum of sport activities from Golf to Rugby and Diamond Engravers can assist is selection of suitable awards or making a bespoke awards for a given application.

In the first instance please submit your enquiry to our sales office


Leather wine/Champagne Carriers Custom Made Solid Brass For Client Custom Awards


Rosewood - Walnut and Bamboo Plaques Custom Finished To Customer Requirements

Golf Awards Salver Awards Signature Award

Awards can be created and designed to take into account the corporate logo, colours, font style among other elements to ensure that the corporate identity is maintained in the presentation award. When it comes to engraving Diamond Engravers can work with virtually any style of font and as long as the logo is an outlined scalable vector we can incorporate this onto the award. Bespoke awards take long to manufacture and customers are asked to take this into account - castings for example can take up to 6/8 weeks to complete. Custom glassware 5-6 weeks on average.

There is a mainstream catalogue where customers can visit to get an idea of what is available, prices are shown excl. vat and before any engraving or printing. There is a setup charge applicable for any engraving work, this will include preparation of visuals, creation of outline vectors, layouts and any database function for multiple names etc. This catalogue is a small part of the total range of products and does not include custom made items. if there is something you would like us to design for you please email us with a brief and specification of requirements and we will submit a proposal for your consideration.






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