Sandblast Engraving and combination laser Sandblast Engraving

Diamond engravers provides one of the most comprehensive services for engraving, not least is the ability to engrave large format flat and rotary objects, for 900 x 600 mm flat surfaced or 360 degree engraving on large rotary objects such as Ansinthe Fountains or large bowls up to 300 mm diameter.

From a sketch, drawing or photograph, we can create stunning and memorable engraving gifts and awards for individuals, business and sport. Apart from traditional sandblasting techniques of making a resist and engraving glass, we have extended the service to combine laser and sandblasting to undertake different substrates and instead of just using aluminium oxides we can use other cleaner products to achieve the smooth effect of sandblasting.

Sandblasting can be used for glass, stone, ceramic, granite, solid suface materials, metals, wood and some plastics.

Diamond engravers provide complementary services for any engraved product, this includes colour infills to maek the products stand out against the glass, this includes, was resin based products, two part epoxies and specially made up paints for the substrate we are to colour in. Some of the products for colouring engraving are limited to about 20 colours but our paints are custom made for us and we can offer Pantone matched colours - this applies to order of not less tha 25 units.

Sandblast engraving was identified by an American solder, Benjamin Tilghman in the latter part of the 1800's,he noticed the effect sand had on windows during a sandstorm, he patented the process in October 1870, It is sometimes referred to a abrasive blasting and there are many forms of sandblasting and different materials that can be used. Diamond engravers uses synthetic materials that minimises the health issues surrounded by using silicates which can produce a unique smooth finish compared to a laser of mechanical engraver.

Inhouse Service for Sandblast Engraving
Diamond engravers provide a complete service for the customer from the initial design, to the manufacture or supply of the product. Artwork should be supplied as a scalable vector, or if not available a high resolution photo of not less than 300 dpi. The company offfers a full design service to heklp customers whi do not have the facilities to supply information in the correct format.

Once the design has been completed, a visual will be produced for the customer for approval to ensure that layout, spelling and artwork is correct. Once the design is approved, the engraving will be scheducled in for engraving.


Supply of engraving blanks and custom made engravable products
Diamond Engravers, sister company, is a custom manufacturer of metal, wood and plastic products and produces bespoke awards, gifts, keepsakes, business and sports signage and memorials to order.

If you have a special project and would like our help in providing engraving just send us an email and we will do our best to help you, whether it is a one off item or thousands.

Here are some typical illustrations of what we can offer if you want to see more glassware - see the link below
Wine Bottle and Glasses Engraved Sandblasted wine glass Personalised Champagne Bottle

Marble Clock Award Smoked Glass Award Engraved Glass On Wooden Plaque
Business Card Gift L'amour Champagne Flutes Engraved Water - Juice Jug


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