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Leatherette Engraved Gifts

Diamond engravers can supply a wide range of ready made Leatherette gifts, ideal for that personalised gift or a special promotion. The leatherette material offers the look and feel of genuine leather at a fraction of the price. This richly textured, synthetic material is water resistant, easy to clean and durable enough for daily use. The high quality of the leatherette can be personalized through one of our hi speed laser engravers for a sharp contrast result. Apart from the standard range of gifts, custom made article can be made for bulk promotions, please ask for details.

The leatherette is also available in sheets 300 x 500 mm and is 1.2 mm thick, the range of colours currently extends to 14 with different contrasts when engraved. The front texture has a sueded effect and the back of the material has standard leather texture.

Cleaning leatherette can be accomplished by using soap and water, it will not leave water marks and pen marks can be removed with alcohol, juts be careful and test on an area before use.

The advantages of leatherette are numerous, cost effective over real leather, environmentally friendly, does not leave a burnt smell when engraved and is designed to provide a clear contrasting effect when lasered. It is suitable for detailed logos, text and creative designs. Diamond engravers offer a bespoke die cutting and laser cutting, for special shapes and finished gifts, please email us with your enquiry.










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