Diamond Engraving

Diamond engraving is often referred to as diamond drag engraving, fundamentally it is involves a diamond tipped tool etching the surface of the substrate usually metal or glass. The system employed by Diamond Engravers is a multi function machine able to cope with both rotary and flat objects.

Rotary engraving up to 300 mm diameter, for engraving glassware, tumblers, bottles of wine and champagne, crystal glassware such as champagne flutes or wine glasses. ice buckets made of stainless steel and not forgetting trophies of all descriptions.

Flat engraving up to 200 mm x 350 mm

The main difference between laser and diamond drag engraving is that when engraving metal objects like Pewter, or silver the engraving has a lustre to the finish whereas laser engraving tends to be a mat finish. importantly it is only a surface etch and not deep engraving that can be achieved by a fibre laser - see our high performance fibre laser services.

Colour filling - On glassware, we can provide a colour fill to the engraving, normally gold and silver which is ideal if it is for a wedding, anniversary or to make it stand our more. This is a special inhouse service offered in additional to traditional engraving.

For customers that require engraving it is important to distinguish between the various methods of engraving a gift or a product and certain machines are more suited to one format or another depending upon the area that is to be engraved. Diamond Engravers not only engrave customers objects but also can produce a visual so the customer sees what the layout, font and style will look like before engraving the product. This gives customers the opportunity of making an informed decision and is all part of the service.

Custom designs - often we are asked by companies to comes up with a solution for gifts for each individual in the company or it may for their important customers and would like to have individual names applied to the engraving as well as a message and their logo - we specialise in creating this type of database managed engraving, where up to 100 or more names are to be included in the list.

For the individual customer - we cater for one off gifts and offer a quick turnaround service ranging from same day premium or 24/48 hours service.

Planning for a special occasion, for a wedding gift, anniversary, engagement, birthday - we can create beautiful and elegant custom engraved gifts sets for you, from one offs to multiples - so call Diamond Engravers with your enquiry, let us help you with your idea for the perfect custom gift.

Here are some typical illustrations of what we can offer if you wnat to see more glassware - see the link below
Wine Bottle and Glasses Engraved Crystal Glassware Gifts Sets Personalised Champagne Bottle

0.62 ltr Stelera Beer Glass PB3 Decanter Gift Engraved and Boxed 6cm Crystal Tealight Holder
14.5 cm Optical Crystal Clock Laurent Perrier Champagne Gift Set 0.85ltr Barrel Tankard


For more glassware click on the link below.

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