Diamond engravers has been operating since 2000, over 20 years experience with 10 years specialising in engraving, design and technical application techniques associated with the range of engraving services offered. It is a professional service undertaken by a degree qualified professional and encompasses a complete service not usually offered by our competitors. The business provides a range of solutions for customers, from the introduction of a brief, sketch, artwork or image, consideration of the object, the positioning and size of engraving to completion of a visual of the proposed solution. This is a part of the service so that customers are fully informed and designs provided as a check list to ensure all elements in the engraving are correct. The visual must be approved prior to any work being undertaken and is a safeguard that all engraving information and spelling etc is checked before the engraving is applied. This is especially important on precious metals.

The company has a factory and design office where customers can visit to discuss applications, these are based in Cheshire, the services offered are available Nationwide and we offer specialist services for our export customers.

Diamond engravers provides in addition to engraving, a full design service, 3D modeling, tracing and drawing, this may involve working from a photo, a hand drawn sketch and making it suitable for the type of engraving that is required. This service is charged out against the specific requirement of work. This service also includes 3d engraving onto various substrates using a special 3D laser.
Another part of the business is offering a range of custom engraved gifts, these gifts are selected because they can be personalised to your requirements. Each gift is carefully chosen so that it is suitable for the range of engraving services we offer and covers everything from a christening gift to a sports award. One of the features about a powerful MOPA laser is the ability to cut and make name or custom designed necklaces and pendants, cutting out of 925 sterling silver or brass and bringing to a high lustre, applying special anti tarnish, adding a sterling silver chain and you have a custom made necklace. We also supply a range of chains to match the gift as well as custom engraved presentation boxes. Another aspect is our state of the art 150 watt C02 laser, which is capable of not only cutting, but complex engraving of plastics, wood and glass over a 900 x 600 mm pate area.

One of the highly specialised services is the ability to take a photo image of a persons face and make it into a 3D image and engrave it onto a suitable substrate, or, to make a coin with the front and back in relief as well as engraving a feature on the side of the coin or circular object using our rotary facility, this service can also work with logos by enhancing the flat file using our 3d modeling software to make the logo stand out, or it can be used for example on signet rings for a family crest or initials, for custom made buckles. The same can apply to traditional logos, animals or other images that can be vectorised and then profiling certain elements which bring the image to life by introducing depth to it and then engraving the image onto a product - it is this type of engraving that differentiates it from the normal surface etch.

Diamond engravers offers a rotary engraving service for jewellery, the inside and outside of rings, bangles and bracelets, for glassware, wine buckets and similar objects up to 300 mm diameter. Barware, including ice buckets, cocktail shakers and crystal glass awards, drinkware are all capable if being engraved. 3d engraving - the latest state of the art 3d engraving in relief, to create stunning detail, intricate and complex designs for family crests on jewellery, signet rings, brass plaques, for corporate awards, promotional products and family gifts. Name necklaces- to create a sterling silver necklace, pendant or bracelet from a name, made complete with chain, the ability to precision cut the name, polish and protect are all part of the service. Take a look at some of the items in our gallery to see what we can engrave for you, and our selection of custom engraved pieces which can be personalised with messages on the back and presented in a nice gift box or pouchette.



















































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