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Laser engraving to virtually any substrate using a combination of C02 engraving and Fibre laser engraving, enables our company to provide a comprehensive laser engraving service for individuals, small and large businesses. Our laser engraving facility has been established over 10 years in it 's present form and offers customer much more than a basic service. We provide a total package for every customer inhouse, from helping with design, re-processing a photo to make it suitable for engraving, creating vector files, making bespoke products through our sister company Devanet, surface engraving, 3d engraving, large format laser engraving and rotary engraving for glassware, metal, wood or plastic products up 115 mm diameter. In addition the Diamond engravers provides a colour infill service to enhance logos, designs or texts to bring added appeal by introducing colour.

Our laser engraving services include, flat engraving up to 900 x 600 mm and rotary engraving 360 degrees up to 115 mm diameter x 400 mm long, special jigs may allow up to engrave longer and larger diameters subject to volume.

Laser engraving performance enhancements - we have within our facility C02 lasers up to 180 watt, much more powerful then your average hobbyist laser which can cut and engrave difficult to engrave items and provide a more efficient cutting service.

Our fibre and MOPA lasers are designed offer a larger frequency range to cope with vagaries of different substrates, introduce colour on stainless steel for example, deep engraving and 3d engraving all within our capabilities. With 60 watt 3d laser engraving of metals, Diamond engravers can produce 3d engraving from stl and obj files - this is layered engraving from following the contours of the design which other lasers cannot do.

One of our specialities is laser engraving of jewellery, this includes, the outside and inside or rings, bangles, bracelets, back of watches, pendants in precious metals. We undertake a lot of work in sterling silver and even make our own jewellery in this metal, we provide precision engraving of all types of watches with stainless steel backs and have a strap removal system for metal bracelet straps. Our precision engravers can laser very fine detail with a spot size of the laser beam being 0.0086 mm the wave length for our fibre lasers is 1.06 microns, which is tiny and 10 times more precise than a C02 laser which has a general spot size of 10.6 microns. As all of our fire lasers are MOPA lasers, these machines have in addition a much wider frequency control for different substrates. Another important element is that fibre lasers can create different surface finishes from silvery to black and even colour on stainless steel. It is important to note that Fibre lasers are predominantly for engraving metals, although they can work with some plastics.

For our C02 lasers we have 3 different lenses to cater for specific types of work where the sport size may be crucial to obtain a top quality result, usually photographic work where the image is dithered and therefore to cater for the graduations in greyscale, we will use a lens with a small spot size with a minimum resolution of 317 dpi for photos up to 423 dpi. For other vector images such as logos it is possible to go up to 1200 dpi which is more detail than the human eye can see. It is this attention to detail we employ so that our customers can get value when they use our services. C02 lasers work best with organic materials, such as wood, cardboard, plastics, solid surface thermoplastics and glass.

In order to provide a good quality laser engraving service, it is important for customers to know that low resolution photos or images bitmaps and so on, make it difficult to achieve a good result, if possible we always will ask for scalable vectors for logos and non standard fonts, and photos should at least 300 dpi. If customers are not able to provide this information, we can offer a helping hand by providing a design service. We can convert most images and texts and we can modify photo images to improve the output when lasered. We provide a visual of the engraving file for approval prior to engraving so that our customers can check for any spelling errors or layout issues we may have missed, in this way we can avoid most mistakes and ensure that our customers receive a professionally engraved product. if any customer is unsure what files we need, just email us or call and we will offer our support. For those customers who just want one or two products engraved or would like us to provide a regular service for small quantities, that is fine we supply a number of high street jewellers with this service.

As a laser engraving service, Diamond engravers, will support individual commissions, small business trade enquiries and provide a comprehensive professional service to the corporate business and promotional gifts market.

Here are some typical illustrations of what we can offer if you wnat to see more glassware - see the link below
Acrylic Cutting C02 Ferrari Badge Engraving Engraved Copper Mural

Engraved Brass Plate PB3 Decanter Gift Engraved and Boxed Golf Signage Emgraved
Rock Engraving   Engraved Buckle and Box


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