Diamond engravers provide professional engraving and complementary services to metal, wood, glass, plastics and composites. The engraving systems employed by the company are extensive taking into account the requirements for both flat and rotary engraving. Typical applications include text and logo engraving, but we go further with high precision detailed deep engraving, 3D relief engraving and coloured engraving onto stainless steel.

So what separates us from our competitors, in our opinion we offer a lot more, not just engraving but the whole range of processes we provide - this includes repair of items, polishing, electro-plating and ceramic coating for protection and anti- tarnish as well as large format engraving uo to 900 x 600 mm. The supply of screws for signage that matches the application to wood or metal, the enamel or epoxy colour filling in Pantone matched colour are just some of the areas we go beyond the norm of just engraving.

In addition very often engravers just use a standard range of fonts and have limited graphics capability, Diamond engravers offer more in terms of comprehensive design, visual presentation for approval so customers can make informed decisions about their engraving requirements before proceeding and we can usually work with any font style, provided it will deliver a quality engraving finish. Additionally we can create designs from a photo, produce 3D reliefs and engrave them, we can produce multilayer engraving designs and we can manipulate fonts to integrate with the overall concept of a design.

Technically we employ trained personnel to undertake the engraving work, and our capability is not limited to etching or C02 engraving but significantly advanced systems that provide a solution for each given application, as this may involve not one but several machines to complete a project. This may include different lenses or high power MOPA laser capability with increased frequency modulation or wattage to create cost effective deep contoured reliefs.

Our machinery includes 180 watt C02 lasers, 60 watt 3d MOPA lasers, 20 watt Galvo lasers, Diamond Engraving, combination laser and sandblast engraving and sandlast engraving. We cater for rotary in all formats and flat. We can engrave metals up to 900 x 600 mm using a special process to create black engraving and especialy tricky products like copper which has a high thermal conductivity.

With in excess of 20 years experience in the field of design we offer customers the facility to create artwork that can be applied to gifts, such as Champagne bottles and glassware, this can even include the application of other substrates such as Swarovski crystals or an image fused onto metal so the customer is in good hands when consideration needs to be given to that special award or gift.

Diamond engravers is offering enhanced services to customers and new development and investment into UV lasers and associated equipment means that the company can satisfy most applications that are given to us. Customers who would like advice and need our help, please email us or call on the numbers below.


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